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What we do


GAMO Cloud is the first fully virtualised cloud computing solution in Slovakia providing reliable and secure cloud services.

The concept of a software-defined data centre (SDDC) was used for its design and VMware technology was the clear choice with no competition on the market in this area. GAMO Cloud complies with strict rules on security and availability.

Customers using GAMO Cloud can use quite a flexible virtual data centre in which it is possible to freely scale the resources as well as computing power, move workloads between private and public Clouds and protect data with advanced security features.

Virtual server

The virtual server in GAMO Cloud is a simple and effective way to provide a virtual server with high performance and availability for your company. You can always adapt your virtual server to your current needs and you only pay for the resources that you really need.

In addition to the required hardware configuration, you can add software licences to the server – operating systems and system software from Microsoft and a totally new possibility - security software from ESET. You can always have the latest versions of products.

Of course, there is an automatic 7-day virtual server backup.

You can choose from the budget-priced service packages or configure your own virtual server.

Private cloud

The private cloud is your virtual server-room operated in a powerful and reliable data centre built as High Availability solution. It provides guaranteed availability at 99.97% without the need for any investment costs.

If you already use VMware tools in your own server-room, thanks to the technology features in VMware vCloud Director you can easily move your virtual machines between your own cloud and our private cloud. This represents unlimited flexibility while reducing operating costs – with a configuration time measured in minutes.

Professional monitoring of IT systems and services operated in the data centre is provided with the private cloud. It is accessible via web, and available as a mobile application, too.

You can change the configuration of your private cloud dynamically according to current needs.

Backup as a Service

For modern companies the use of cloud services is a way of getting an IT solution with the capabilities and features of large enterprise environments without having to build their own data centre. Backup as a Service allows you to back up the current copy of your virtualised applications in your infrastructure or GAMO Cloud with the ability to recover files or virtual disks to your infrastructure when needed. It doesn’t matter whether you use Hyper-V or Amazon AWS, we support multiple platforms providing flexible backup for your critical data and systems.

You only back up those virtual servers that you want to protect, which saves your money on backup costs. GAMO Cloud Backup as a Service offers granular replication that allows you to select only the servers and selected data that you want to protect.

GAMO Drive

GAMO Drive is a simple private data storage in the cloud, ready for immediate use after the first operation. It's a standard service allowing sharing and synchronising data between multiple data sources and users.

When using this service, you will no longer need to send large attachments via e-mail or via Internet repositories.

And if you need quickly open or modify the document, spreadsheet or presentation stored in GAMO Drive, you can do it with embedded editor. It supports the most used office documents formats.

Cloud consultations

When planning the budget for IT, it isn’t easy to decide between continuing in the traditional operation of IT systems and the cloud. Even if you prefer the traditional approach to IT, surely you realise that cloud computing represents a unique opportunity to support business development as well as offering a more efficient use of costs for IT operations. Which parts of the IT infrastructure should be operated in the cloud? How to approach the flexible adoption of IT resources to the current needs of the organisation? Will the cloud relieve IT administrators from everyday issues so they can focus on the development of core IT systems?

We can advise you how to build an ideal solution for your existing and new IT environment. Comprehensive analysis reveals the best way to decide on the transition to the cloud.

Migration to cloud

Properly prepared migration strategies provide guidance or steps, the compliance with which means a successful transition to a cloud-based solution. It includes cost plans and the impact of migration results on the organisation, its systems and users.

To make the transition to the cloud "painless", migration must be carefully thought out and implemented by experienced specialists. Not every cloud-based solutions provider can provide you with qualified assistance during migration.

To prevent unexpected problems during migration, please contact us. Together we can design and implement the entire process.


IT priority today is to support business processes and maximum automation levels for routine activities. An overview of the status of IT systems and applications is provided by almost every technology vendor in their own monitoring system but it’s difficult to integrate them into a unified tool.

For virtual servers and applications operated in the cloud as well as in others, even non-virtualised infrastructure, we provide continuous monitoring of systems and services by our surveillance system. Customers can monitor their systems remotely in a unified tool via the web and through mobile applications.

For systems in GAMO Cloud, there is a choice of two levels of monitoring available. Premium level is an extension of the Basic level with solutions to incidents in accordance with an agreed procedure.


  • Office 365 is your professional office in which you can work more efficiently while saving costs. You can find well-known office applications there along with many other features, supporting the work team and your work on the go. They are available on all platforms – Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac.

  • Minimizing costs and impact on the organization following the failure of information systems. Communication networks and information systems have become an indispensable means for the efficient operation of companies and organizations. Therefore, ensuring their availability becomes a top priority.

  • TAP System® is a modern application that fully supports the process of knowledge testing. It uses a combination of PC work and the paper answer forms. It achieves high test processing speed while guaranteeing the authenticity of the processed results.

  • Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. Their use is universal. They are suitable for any organization wishing to present their objects of interest - products in the shop, exhibits in the museum, books, historical buildings or public facilities - in a modern and attractive way.

  • Aesculap Lekárnička provides the user with ultra-fast access to large amounts of information that are important in making the correct choice and use of medicines. You can use it to create your own electronic list of medications and diagnosed diseases. It does not substitute medical records, but it can intuitively draw your attention to the risks associated with your medications and their possible effect on each other.
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Support for job interviews, continuous testing of students, conducting surveys, staff training. Solutions for modern IT infrastructure, including the supervision of its effective operation.

Ensuring basic IT operation, mail and communication solutions. Supervision of the IT equipment is a Comfortable enhancement of services provided.

Corporate governance in the field of trade and services is supported with the use of solutions based on Business Intelligence, tools for team collaboration and document sharing. The effectiveness is also supported by IT skills training.

Satisfaction of hotel guests is essential and consists of a number of services. One of them is Wi-Fi for hotel guests. Provide this service for free and benefit from the information you obtain.

A drug expert system is able to support the physician in their decision on the patient treatment. The booking system will increase efficiency in health care facilities. The result is a satisfied patient.

IT infrastructure and production equipment are important factors of successful operation. Predictive maintenance of machinery and supervision of IT equipment are our priority for industry.

Cities should support their citizens and visitors and provide them with attractive online services. Attract those who shun the city centers and give them a reason to visit. Wi-Fi in the city linked to social networks is only the beginning.

Visitors in museums expect more than just a brief description of the exhibit. Give them a virtual tour of selected exhibits and provide extended descriptions – all via advanced mobile applications.


  • References

    Selected references of our clients across various sectors.

    Manufacturing company in GAMO Cloud. About 60 users including designers working in 3D, approximately 20 workstations managing production, around 10 mobile users at the sales offices in the Slovak Republic.

  • Lenovo International. The official representation of the corporation in Slovakia which also provides internal IT systems and services for the EMEA region uses the servers in GAMO Cloud.

  • A portal operator who was using virtual servers along with leased physical servers in server housing decided to move to a cloud-based solution.

    Monitoring of key points of IT systems in 22 main branches in Europe provided “as a service” from GAMO Cloud.

  • Support of a safe pipeline operation and environmental protection.

  • Registration, administration and distribution of clients’ data, preparation of documents for billing. The system works with more than 150 users a day; it records about 3 million cash statements with more than 90 million lines.

    Automotive components manufacturer. A hardware cluster with a high level of security and reliability based on VMware vSphere, in combination with Office 365 in the cloud represents a hybrid solution with simple administration.

  • Measures leading to an increased efficiency of information processing.

  • Blocking activities related to downloading illegal content.

    We have developed the application within the GAMO Smart Zone platform. It is part of building intelligent urban areas to promote the city, region, cultural and sporting events, historical or otherwise interesting buildings or educational institutions.

  • 100 sheets / 100 questions / 4 answers = 2.59 seconds, average scanning and evaluation speed achieved per one sheet.

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