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Understanding the data

The digital twin is no longer just about creating an ideal production line model for simulation testing. Today, using this technology, we can collect data from a variety of sources and place it in space and time. By turning data into contextual information, the digital twin contributes to time savings, efficient use of machinery and equipment, and higher business productivity. Data, projected into a perfect visual copy of a process or object, provides information to anticipate potential problems in operations before they occur. Digitalisation is the future, but it must go hand in hand with security. That's why we make sure that all technologies and devices are properly connected in the security ecosystem..

Why to trust our services?
By connecting processes, IoT devices and sensors that visualize your business requirement, you get relevant information for flexible decisions in a specific situation. Even without being physically present in the enterprise. Receive notifications directly from production, including cyber and physical security.
In the digital twin, you can manage the entire infrastructure: from electricity to water and gas pipes. We set up automated maintenance workflows or monitoring of facilities to ensure their operation.
With digital twin technology, you can locate exactly where the goods are. We take care of the desired automation in the internal logistics process: the ability to plan tasks, navigate service personnel and track the completion of tasks. This will reduce the need for physical control of logistics processes or make your fleet more productive.
The digital twin can also be a virtual model of your network infrastructure. Simulating potential cyber-attacks or identifying vulnerabilities in an organisation's network, as well as incident response testing, are particularly useful.
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Professionally designed software solutions make a significant contribution to standardizing processes, reducing costs, and limiting human error.

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