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Solutions to the problems we encounter.

We provide comprehensive SW solution development services. We particularly focus on the areas of Master Data Management, Enterprise IS Integration, Business Intelligence, process, and system optimization.



We develop software solutions tailored to the client's requirements.
We develop different usage scenarios.
We use project management and agile development methods.
We control the quality of the final product and its production.
We support modern technologies.
We have a team of analysts and programmers.
We eliminate data quality problems.

There are increasing demands to identify ways to optimise processes, reduce operating costs and simplify work. Be inspired by our customer's story.

What are software solutions?
The result can be an application, information system or web solution that meets your business goals. Software solutions contribute significantly to unifying and standardizing processes, reducing costs, and limiting human error.

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Why clients are looking for us

Expertise and knowledge

Analysts will guide you through the design of functionality, in cooperation with you they will work out individual scenarios of use. Finally, we thoroughly test the entire solution, from functional as well as security point of view.

Our capabilities

Our software helps meet your business goals. Its functionality surpasses packaged products. We use project management, agile development methods, quality assurance. We comprehensively cover the entire life cycle of the whole solution.

New view of existing data

We will expand the functionality of your systems. Management reports will provide you with a quality overview of the company's performance in the expected form, support business decision-making in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

Development begins with the identification of the primary requirement. The requirement is identified directly by the customer or a salesperson of our company. By talking together and gathering the customer's needs, a plan is created describing what the customer needs and how the needs can be addressed.


It is necessary to develop detailed specifications of the work (describing its exact functionality), prepare a summary of all functional and non-functional requirements, identify needs for technology, options for implementation of HW elements, accept risks and align the time needs of the customer and the capabilities of the supplier. A customer solution does not emerge overnight and can take months.


It is not necessary. The customer can use the services of commercial "cloud services", which are able to comprehensively provide almost all the requirements and needs of the customer. This saves the space required to house the technology, energy and eliminates regular replacement of HW elements. However, there are specific solutions that need their own HW. However, it is possible to combine cloud services with custom HW elements, too.


After the first collection of customer requirements and identification of all primary needs, is a business plan created, which also includes the framework price of the work and an indicative schedule. This, together with the refined requirements, can change in either direction over time.


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