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Watch out for phishing campaigns

The greatest threat to an organization is in its employee inboxes. Email is the most commonly used attack vector. Would you like to defend against theft of sensitive information, user credentials and ransomware attacks? The key to protecting your company and employees is safeguarding your email and Microsoft 365 applications. We will protect you from ransomware, Zero-day attacks, and polymorphic malware using combination of advanced procedures, policies, wide variety of next generation security tools and safety measures.


What types of email threats can we mitigate?
Email is the top attack vector used in ransomware attacks.
We will protect you against the newest exploits using combination of cloud sandboxing and behavioural analysis.
Type of attack where cybercriminals disguise their identity as someone/something else.
The best way to prevent social engineering attacks is awareness and education. We create custom training for your organization. In addition to that we will protect your employees by implementing detection mechanisms, reputation filters and complex email policies.
Internet is full of malicious website. More than 1,4 million unique phishing websites are created every week. The main goals are to steal user credentials, deliver malicious payload or perform payment fraud.
List of procedures, policies, and tools to protect your organization from leaking confidential and sensitive information.
Looking for another form of cyber resilience support? We offer additional services.
The most common problem is the underestimation of the real threats in the field of cyber security. So don't wait and contact us directly with your requirements.

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