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Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the first step in defending your organization against vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited. After vulnerability scan you will be provided with complex overview and insights into the cyber exposure of all your assets, including all of your vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other potential security threats that puts your organization at risk.
Organizations that use the risk-based vulnerability management method will suffer 80% fewer breaches.
Using the tools of ethical hackers - penetration testing, we test the resistance of systems to cyber attacks. In this case, we can verify the security of the information system from the point of view of both external and internal attackers. In addition to the vulnerability of the information system, we also test the ability of security features to detect and prevent attempts to penetrate the information system.

Why choose our solutions?
We will help you understand vulnerabilities in the context of business risk and improve your cybersecurity strategy.
Behind every major cyberattack is a vulnerability that was left unaddressed. Vulnerability management is essential to identifying and reducing cyber risk.
Identify the security gaps, fragmented security solutions and poorly defined security strategy.
Focus on the vulnerabilities and assets that matter most. Prioritize remediation of threats most critical to your business.
Looking for another form of cyber resilience support? We offer additional services.
The most common problem is the underestimation of the real threats in the field of cyber security. So don't wait and contact us directly with your requirements.

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