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Slovenská pošta operates countrywide WAN network based on Cisco Systems technology. Transmission lines between its nodes are leased from several telecommunication providers. Design of the whole network, implementation and configuration of its components creates strong basis for its smooth and trouble-free operation. Continuous monitoring of the network components and the WAN network must provide a complex view on operational status of each individual network component as well as on the links between them.
Provisioning the continuous WAN network operation of the Slovenská Pošta on the level of design, monitoring and administration of network components and communication links.

WAN network of Slovenská Pošta is built on the Cisco Systems technology - worldwide networking technology leader. Cisco technology provides high reliability and security, which is essential for network available at 24/7/365 mode.

According to needs and requirements of Slovenská Pošta, certified system engineers prepare design and configuration of the WAN network.

Network monitoring covers two basic areas:

  1. SLA (Service Level Agreement) parameters of links, or network connection nodes
  2. Availability of each node, interface status of each node, hardware status of network component

For monitoring of the SLA parameters is used tool providing graphical, at-a-glance representation of communication line status, its utilization and response parameters. From its results are generated reports containing status of monitored nodes – in operation or out of operation (by various reasons – planned downtime, reconstruction, failure).

To monitor availability and status of each network node – a HP tool called Network Node Manager is used. In case of any unstandardized behaviour is detected, an incident is automatically generated and forced the operator to solve it. Operator opens the ticket and start to solve it, accordingly on its importance. Each step is noticed in the application, until the ticket is successfully solved. After do this, the ticket obtains its closing code.

Due to the hardware failure possibility, each network node has backup of its full configuration, including all changes made during its lifetime.
All incidents reported to the customer centre, are under control of system engineers. They are able remotely solve such incidents, manage the device’s configuration, as well as manage the functions and parameters of the whole WAN network.

Network of Slovenská Pošta is designed to meet criteria for continuous operation as well as quality of provided services.
Monitoring of the network components as well as communication links between them in 24/7/365 mode.
Reports on the functionality of the entire network, as well as its individual elements.
Monitoring results creates basis for keeping the compliance with SLA parameters agreed with each telecommunication link provider.
Proactive WAN management and consequent settings optimization.
Regularly LAN networks monitoring, analysis of transmitted data types, transmission optimization.
Operation of large WAN network with more than 1500 connected posts and nodes require continuous care, with aim to keep the desired network quality parameters. GAMO has a significant merit in being able to meet defined operating parameters without any significant fluctuations in quality and operational problems.
Ján Púchy
Head of IT operation dpt.

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