Specialized hospital chose cloud and Office 365

Specialized hospital in the field of ophthalmology.
10-50 employees
Specialized hospital, eye ambulances and opticians Oftal falling within the excellence in the field of ophthalmology. For their operation they need a reliable solution, which does not require frequent service or configuration interventions. It also must enable secure remote access to the data used in the ambulances, on the educational events and medical conventions. A decision for the cloud was a logical possibility of running a hospital information system. Ensuring the mobility of medical personnel - not only within the hospital but also on the road together with the possibility of sharing the files and data - was among other requirements. The utilization of the Office 365 package tools was designed for this purpose.
Design and operation of an IT platform serving the hospital information system in the cloud. Operational support and specialized surveillance. Creation of a professional email, environment for team collaboration and unification of MS Office versions.

A private cloud based on the VMware technologies was created within the GAMO Cloud for the Oftal hospital. Individual medical applications are running on the servers created in such a way. The whole IT system including software applications is continuously monitored through IMS - Incident Management System solution. In case of non-standard IT system behaviour preventive measures are taken. These actions are not observable for the work of a physician.

Implementation of the Office 365 services enables physicians to use tools of effective communication and collaboration on the professional level. It can be used during the day as well as during decision making process concerning demanding medical interventions.

The whole information system is protected against failures as well as an unauthorized access. High level of security is based also on the certification of the cloud service provider according to ISO 27018 on personal data protection in the cloud.

Trouble-free and failure-free operation.
Securized access to data and documents from the internet.
Simple administration of the systems in cloud.
Guaranteed protection of personal data according international standards.
High level of mobility.
A decision to use cloud services enables us to engage in specialized medical activities with the knowledge that our systems are operated in a safe and reliable manner. Achieved level of mobility helps us to save the time, speed up mutual communication among the doctors.
Stanislav Ondrejka
Executive Manager, Oftal

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