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Slovenská pošta operates a large number of information systems in order to provide their services and products. Individual information systems have so far used different registers and master data. These were recorded within several information systems, some of them repeatedly, another incompletely. Through progressive implementation of the Master Data Management (MDM) system for core data entities creates Slovenská pošta necessary conditions to significantly higher level of data analysis, reporting, as well as building the Business Intelligence based solutions. Core of built MDM system is the module called SPDM (Slovenská Pošta Data Management). It means the central software component of the MDM solution, which technically provides management, administration, data management and publication of the company-wide data catalogues.
Design and implementation of the information system based on MDM - Master Data Management that will be able to meet the requirements of Slovenská pošta for central management of distribution of their master and register data.

SPDM represents central technical component of MDM solution of Slovenská pošta. The data model and web services used and implemented in the SPDM system are general and simply expandable. Designed conception of a data model enables to express almost any data catalogue and subsequently distribute it into integrated information systems in the form of a register data.
Currently the SPDM includes also Central Product Catalogue of SP that is being distributed onto key information systems of Slovenská Pošta.

SPDM contains a set of functionalities designed to meet the needs of its users:

  • Creation and management of catalogues.
  • Creation of views into catalogues – so called registers.
  • Register data content management (creation, saves, updates, authorization), bulk changes, printing outputs creation.
  • Modular generation of SOAP communication interfaces by administrator.
  • Synchronization checks on existing interfaces.
Central information system for administration and distribution of register and master data.
Central storage for consistent and complete master data.
SPDM enables unified administration and distribution of key data entities of the Slovenská pošta.
SPDM as a technical element of MDM solution enables to ensure administration of master data from the point of view of method, process and organisation.
Creation of Central Product Catalogue of the Slovenská pošta that is a part of MDM solution currently in operation.
Built MDM system means a complex solution, made to measure, which fully reflects to requirements and expectations of Slovenská pošta on centralized and unified management of reference, company-wide register and master data. Here built solution is multidimensional – in addition to the technical and software aspects includes also processes, organizational, and data quality areas. SPDM module, as the core element of built MDM solution, is crucial for achieving of the “MDM impact” – its quality and parameters determines the whole solution.
Ľubomír Hatala
project manager, Slovenská pošta

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