Monitoring of IT systems

Global building material manufacturer
Operating in 30 countries across Europe
Real-time status overview of key parts of IT systems regardless the locality and immediately escalation of occurred incidents to the specific group of IT specialists from the European IT team. Monitoring of key points of IT systems in 22 main branches in Europe provided as a service from GAMO Cloud.
Guaranteed availability of service 99,97%. Escalation of occurred incidents respecting ITIL standards.

Monitoring of IT systems in Baumit branches provided as a service from GAMO Cloud. In 1st phase, we plan to implement the monitoring service in 22 main branches around Europe with monitoring over 600 hosts and services. We provide the monitoring as a service from GAMO Cloud, to keep the ability to monitor the status of monitored hosts and services also in a case of infrastructure failure. Thank to this the Baumit uses a service with high guaranteed availability and added value. There are overview dashboards and mobile application available for use, connected to the central system part of monitoring service in cloud.

Monitoring part is connected with robust ITSM tool operated by Helpdesk department. Helpdesk operators manage the processes respecting ITIL standards and communicate directly with customer`s specialists in English language. Currently we provide monitoring service in first eight locations in Europe: France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia states..

Service with guaranteed availability 99,97%
Cost effective and fast implementation of service in accordance to ITIL standards.
Helpdesk operators communication in English language.
Immediate incident escalation to specific IT specialists group.
Optimization of processes to shorten the downtimes.
Real-time overview of monitored hosts status by web dashboards or mobile application.
Monitoring of key points of IT systems provided as a service from GAMO Cloud meets our requirements. GAMO operators react flexibly to occurred incidents and manage the processes respecting ITIL standards.
Daniel Švarc
IT manager, Baumit Group

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