Cloud and Virtual Desktops

K-system, spol. s r.o.
SMB | Production of blinds and shielding technology
130 employees
K-system is a company which places great emphasis on the use of modern technologies in production; it devotes considerable efforts to the innovation of production processes and the development of its own products. It has been possible to improve services and provide a maximum availability guarantee for the production management and business process thanks to the upgrading of information systems. The company moved the original on-site solution to a private cloud-based solution.
A cloud-based solution that combines a public cloud along with a private cloud enabling the use of VDI technology – Virtual Desktops.

Manufacturing company in GAMO Cloud. About 60 users including designers working in 3D, approximately 20 workstations managing production, around 10 mobile users at the sales offices in the Slovak Republic.

The cloud-based solution for K-system Company is built on the concept of maximum availability not only in terms of the operating environment but also Internet connectivity. The built solution combines a public cloud along with a private cloud enabling use of VDI technology – Virtual Desktops.

Virtual desktops provide lots of advantages not only to IT administrators but also to engineers in production, merchants in sales studios and other employees. VDI technology offers users full desktop functionality. They are able to access their desktop from anywhere, from the office as well as outside the company. They have systems available that aren’t natively designed for remote access. Connection is possible from a laptop, mobile phone or a tablet with Internet connectivity. Corporate data is secure as it never leaves the data centre. Due to acceleration, adding additional performance in the cloud-based architecture, engineers and designers can also use the graphical interface on desktops that don’t have the performance of expensive workstations.

The flexibility of a cloud-based environment also brings benefits for IT staff. It is characterised by the shorter time needed for migration to a new version of the operating system, upgrade or installation of software. A new employee can access the work environment in a few minutes and almost instantaneous changes in applications are possible for all users.
The transition of IT systems and business applications to GAMO Cloud and the use of VDI desktops have significantly reduced the number of service tickets solved by IT administrators, without change or impact on end users – the workers have not recorded any discomfort in providing services.
The GAMO Cloud solution built at K-system uses the innovative SDDC technologies concept by VMware (HCI, VSAN, NSX and Horizon).

Optimisation of operational IT costs, possibility to predict and control their height.
Guarantee of the availability of IT systems of at least 99.97% – which in the case of an on-site solution is a target that is difficult to achieve.
Secure access to business applications from anywhere.
Engineers and designers also using graphical interface on desktops that don’t have the performance of expensive workstations.
Preventing possible data loss through Backup as a Service in the cloud with geo-redundancy of data to the K-system.
Capacity utilisation of IT workers in areas with higher added value.
Cloud solutions have allowed IT staff to save time, optimise operations and focus their capabilities to developing key systems and applications for K-system. We can easily operate, manage and configure the user interface from one location. Mobility of virtual desktops in the cloud is also appreciated by our employees as it allows them to complete tasks from anywhere while providing them with flexibility. With the use of a graphic interface in the cloud architecture there is a significant reduction in the requirements for investments in CAD workstations.
Ing. Stanislava Antošková Pružinová
Chief Financial and Human Resources Division, K-system, spol. s r.o.

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