24 hours a day

Traditional furniture producer
Continuous operation, more than 1,500,000 operations per day
Thanks to the excellent product quality, the producer has successfully established themselves among the suppliers for the company of IKEA. Innovations in IT area and investments in machinery lead to new standards in production. Unexpected system failure can negatively affect the operation of production lines and, consequently, the delivery of the goods within the specified time. Thus, the continuity of Ekoltech production and production-supply process becomes crucial and the monitoring of critical parts of IT infrastructure legitimate.
Ensuring central monitoring of company key systems and facilities. Minimization of costs and impacts on organisation due to failure of information systems.

GAMO provides for the Ekoltech company the Incident Management System solution, adapted to the needs of client’s infrastructure and to agreed parameters within SLA contract. IT systems supervision in the form of monitoring as a service covers 24 hours a day.

The service with the guaranteed availability of 99.97% enables to flexibly respond to the changes in operation parameters in IT infrastructure, eliminates failures which might threaten the production. According to the level of incidents it automatically sends notifications through the agreed manner, informs about the identified problem.
Monitoring of the critical parts of IT infrastructure offers the overview of the system condition and possibility of immediate assignment of incidents onto the entitled technician. At-a-glance view dashboard and mobile application connected to the central monitoring solution is available.

Deeper analysis of the data collected in the report offers a complex view on the infrastructure operation, notifies about the possibility of the occurrence of the issue in the future and thus offers space and time for its elimination.
Immediate implementation of highly available and modern solution without the need to invest into own infrastructure and development. Saving own personnel capacities for the solution implementation and maintenance. Minimization of impact of IT infrastructure and related services failures on the company’s smooth operation.

24-hour monitoring of systems and services.
Flexible reaction to changes in IT infrastructure.
Current monitoring templates according to requirements of customers.
Unified interface for control and report.
Notification system according to the needs of the customer via SMS, e-mail, PUSH. Mobile application.
Categorization and individual approach according to the seriousness of incident.
Supervision over IT systems through Incident Management System is a guarantee of a business continuity for the cooperation with the IKEA. It allows us to flexibly respond to the changes in the monitored infrastructure, foresee the events that could appear and thus bring higher efficiency of work within IT department.
Ján Vrabec
Executive Manager, EKOLTECH

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