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Who wouldn’t know A Slovak portal focused on the sale of original handmade products from Slovak designers, craftsmen, artists and designers who work on this site as independent retailers. The portal operator, who was using virtual servers along with leased physical servers in server housing, decided to move to a cloud-based solution. The reason was the improvement of services for sellers and buyers, whose numbers have been growing from year to year.
Increasing the computing power of the web and transaction servers of portal. Migration of systems to a full cloud environment with maximum availability time.

GAMO Cloud provided the portal operator with a new level of security and availability, the cloud services provided are fully in line with current trends and best practices in providing services to the platform. The advantages particularly include flexibility, integrated management of updates, easy management and scalability of system resources.

GAMO Cloud solution meets the most demanding requirements not only in terms of computing power but also Internet connectivity which is an important aspect of the operation in the case of a web portal provider.
It ensures maximum data protection for vendors as well as purchasers of the portal.

Migration of systems with no additional costs.
The required computing power with the ability to scale according to current needs.
Saving time and resources associated with the operation.
Acceleration of the conducted transactions.
Minimising the risk of systems failure.
Reliable and fast internet connectivity.
Our goal is to provide high quality services for retailers and shoppers on the portal, so we need reliable and powerful servers. I think that the decision to choose GAMO Cloud for the operation of our online portal was the right one. The latest technology combined with connection speed and quality of secure network technology provides us with a high degree of security and reliability.
Juraj Mikláš
author of the project

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