Hardware cluster and Office 365

SMB | Automotive
250 - 500 employees
ILJIN uses its own server infrastructure on which individual software applications serving for manufacturing and administrative purposes are operated. They must meet the criteria for a solution resistant to unpredicted incidents. At the same time, it provides IT administrators with easy administration of users, operating systems and applications. Therefore, it was decided to create a consolidated solution based on VMware vSphere and implementing tools from the O365 family.
Unification of server and desktop operating system platform. Increasing security – through the implementation of Active Directory and related functionalities. Creating a professional corporate email and an environment for team collaboration and unification of MS Office versions.

A hybrid solution was built for ILJIN, combining elements of their own IT infrastructure (on-site) with the use of selected Cloud services. It is built on the concept of maximum availability and security.

On-site infrastructure is built as a hardware server cluster with a shared disk sub-system, virtualised and based on VMware vSphere. A hardware cluster enables efficient use of resources and high availability of the systems in case of unforeseen events. Individual corporate application servers are operated in thus prepared infrastructure.

Implementing Office 365 services provided ILJIN a comprehensive solution for effective communication and teamwork, as well as for the unification of the MS Office package throughout the company.

Achieving high availability of systems.
Increasing the efficiency of utilisation of hardware resources.
Easier management of operating systems in the IT infrastructure.
Increased level of security through the introduction of single-sign-on, access rights and group policies in Active Directory.
Removing problems with Office document incompatibility.
Use of the MS SharePoint for effective communication and teamwork.
By building a High Availability solution in combination with the cloud, we have secured the efficient operation of IT systems with a high degree of security and reliability. We can respond flexibly to new requirements.
Marcel Šimurka
IT specialist, ILJIN Slovakia, s.r.o.

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