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Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica
Academic, University, Public
On 6 faculties in 47 study programmes studies currently 10 041 students
Assessment of knowledge of a large number of applicants for study and also own students is a very time consuming process that can be made more effective by using modern software applications designed specifically for such purpose.
The admission procedure for the academic year of 2015/2016. Smooth course and guarantee of high efficiency and objectivity of the entire admission process.

TAP System® was used to secure admission examinations for applicants for study in 2008 – 2015. The implementation of the solution was adapted to the requirements of anonymity, high reliability and fast processing of results:

  • all applicants for study were assigned a barcode,
  • all administrators of scanning workplaces accessed the admission procedure database only with the authentication dongle,
  • admission procedure database was located on a centralized UMB server,
  • all user activities including scanning are recorded as a log,
  • the results of entrance exams were evaluated within the prescribed limit of the lodging of answer sheets,
  • no irregularities or requests to verify the accuracy of evaluated answer sheets were recorded during the course of exams or after the evaluation of results.

TAP System® is used continuously in the learning process – ongoing verification of students' knowledge

  • Each faculty may use the question database stored on a central UMB server or their own database of questions stored on the server of the faculty.
  • Each user can create an individual set of questions and answers for their own students.
  • A general university knowledge database of questions is created by exporting questions.
  • Interconnection with the academic information system AIS2 supports the import of student lists from AIS2 and the export of the examination results to AIS2 after exams. 
  • Each user can create individual assignments for students - by cloning existing tests and mixing questions.
  • The testing by closed tests (choice of responses) and open tests (dictation, translations, calculations, drawings of charts or graphs, etc.) is also supported).
  • Evaluation of the test is variable - either the percentage or scores, including the possibility of grade evaluation.
  • The TAP System® application can also be used for the automatic processing and evaluation of tests, whose assignment exists beyond the application only in the paper or other form; the application evaluates only the "correctness" of the designated boxes on the answer sheet.

TAP System® is used annually to conduct surveys e.g. evaluation of study programs or evaluation of teachers etc.

Reduction of the time for preparation and evaluation.
The credibility of the results provided by the application.
Simple and intuitive working environment.
Comfort and openness in defining questions.
It creates a knowledge base of test questions.
Flexibility in defining deployment architecture.
An indisputable advantage of the TAP System in ongoing examination, admission procedure and public surveys is the management of the testing process of a large number of our students. In the admission procedure, we are able to publish verified results in a short time after the test. In the case of ongoing testing during the academic year, students see the results of the tests immediately in the AIS. A positive aspect is the high level of security and anonymity of testing. The application has a simple "user friendly" interface combined with an interactive Help format that makes it easy for users to work with the TAP system.
Ing. Pavol Suja
Director, Institute of Automation and Communication (UAKOM), Matej Bel University

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