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The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising
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The creation of an interactive mobile application as a tool to promote awareness, education, increasing interest in the activities of the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (during WWII). The visitors can have access to the programme of celebrations and calendar of upcoming events. It serves as a virtual guide for a tour of the museum’s exhibition and it will provide information on the permanent museum exhibition, the open-air museum of heavy military equipment and it displays the history of the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising.
To reach out and get closer to the young generation through modern technologies that are close to them.

The museum application is part of the GAMO Smart Zone solution family and is a comprehensive solution that enables the creation of mobile applications, the management of their content and interaction with selected objects.

The Smart Zone in the Uprising Museum was introduced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. This is the first use of this technology in Banská Bystrica. The solution is based on the use of mobile applications for smartphones. Based on interaction – communication with transmitters, it provides visitors with information on the four most attractive open-air museum exhibits even without connectivity to the Internet, all they have to do is be in their vicinity. The freely accessible Museum of the Slovak National Uprising mobile application is available in Slovak and English.
The mobile application performs the following functions:

  • Provides an interactive guide to the military equipment of the outdoor museum; with the use of transmitters it displays extended information about key collection items.
  • Provides promotion of the museum’s activities such as Night of Museums, Uprising Celebrations, thematic exhibitions, discussions.
More information on Slovak history represented in a new way.
Provides contact with visitors during days when the museum is closed to the public (Mondays)
More effective information on upcoming activities, projects.
Increased interaction, visitor – exhibit.
We welcome the opportunity to implement our visions and direct younger generations through modern technologies. I think this is the right direction at this moment that the current "mobile" generation expects and accepts.
Dalibor Lesník
Marketing Manager, The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising

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