e-Revenue system monitoring

Slovenská pošta (Slovak post)
Postal services
More than 10.000 employees
Slovenská pošta runs a comprehensive service of collection, recording, settlement and transfer of judicial and administrative fees into the State Budget for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic via e-Revenue Stamp Payment System. Within the operation of the deployed system is Slovenská pošta on the basis of the contract in force obliged to provide regular service, repair and maintenance of the technical equipment, perform prophylactic inspections and revisions of the end facilities, as well as collection and refilling of cash, exchange of print slips and other consumables within the technical facilities.
Providing a comprehensive e-Revenue Stamp Payment System end facility service by single organisation.
Within the support and operation of e-Revenue Stamp Payment System end facilities (hereinafter referred to as “kiosks”) the following services are being provided for Slovenská pošta:
  • Monitoring, coordination and provisioning of HW and SW service of kiosks.
  • CASH and PRINT management coordination in the kiosks:
    • CASH management - collection and refilling of cash.
    • PRINT management - exchange of print slips and other consumables.
  • Coordination and provision of prophylactic and other service activities in kiosks according to the requirements of Slovenská pošta
Customer centre in GAMO provides these services through:
  • Using the possibilities of the incident management and service requirement tool (Incident Management System).
  • Precisely configured customer centre processes.
  • Monitoring tool providing information from the kiosks:
    • the error states of the individual kiosk HW components,
    • cash flow in the kiosk..
The services provided to Slovenská pošta result in: :
  • functional and reliable kiosk operation,
  • coordination of the subcontractors activities providing the operation of kiosks,
  • continuous improvement of the operational processes also basing on the client requirements.
Centralized overview of kiosk network functionality.
Record keeping of all the incidents and service requirements.
Coordination of solution of each recorded incident and its assessment according to SLA parameters.
Cost and process optimization of kiosk operation.
Central coordination and providing of HW and SW service of e-Revenue system provided by a single contractual partner.
In cooperation with our partner GAMO, we are constantly optimizing our processes and increasing the efficiency of e-Revenue Stamp Payment System end facility operation and thus meeting basic principles of efficiency and economy in the operation of the central system of registration and settlement of judicial and administration fees for which is Slovenská pošta contractually responsible.
Marek Lendacký
Director of the Electronic Services Section

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