Single Agenda Processing System

Slovenská pošta, a. s. (Slovak Post)
Postal services
More than 10.000 employees
In the past, local post office branches used around 200 different applications as early as 2007, used to manage the daily operation. Most of them were installed locally, provided various level of support for the business processes, as well as different scope and level of output reports. Applications has been developed on different technologies, its operation required a local administrator. Outputs were not standardized and periodical reports for further processing were sent by e-mail or in a paper form.
Unifying of the local applications and ensuring the formal, as well as financial check of the postal offices into single and complex application, running on the intranet.

Single agenda processing system (SAPS) is a centralized solution for processing set of agendas necessary for the operation of regional post offices, as well as for central post management. It ensures checking of financial and formal consistency of data and preparation of documents for invoicing the products of Slovenská pošta.

The application has been developed since 2007 in order to standardize the method for processing agendas at individual RPC (regional postal centers), for the replacement of obsolete and hard-to-maintain solutions, for unification of setups and common data at a central level. New functions are continuously
added, according to specific requirements.

Key features of the SAPS include registration, administration and distribution of data of clients of Slovenská pošta and preparation of documents for billing for contracted customers by creating batch files for further processing in SAP system. SAPS is the central data source of Customers register and the Register of tariffs, used by key information systems of Slovenská pošta.

More than 150 users daily use SAPS and it records about 3,5 million of cash statements with more than 112,5 million lines. The filling of SAPS registers is a daily responsibility of about 20 different automated processes, which are gradually replacing manual inputs.

The application was developed by GAMO in the Java programming environment, using Oracle database.

Replacement of multiple heterogeneous applications with a single one.
Creating of the central administration tool for the register data.
Automated inspection of follow-up documents.
Removal of paperwork between departments.
Electronic communication with partners.
Unification of reporting into a single application.
SAPS is a successful project, which outputs significantly contributed to unification and standardization of processes, to improvement of the quality of operational and control activities, as well as to operational cost savings. Cooperation with GAMO a.s. in this project we evaluate as excellent.
Ing. Ľubomír Hatala
Project Manager, Slovenská pošta, a. s.

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