Effective IS Audit

Západoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, a. s.
Small and Medium Enterprises, Utilities
300-500 employees
Today the operation of each company is substantially dependent on information systems and their smooth functioning. Gradual development brings changes at the level of information systems and data flows with a significant increase in requirements for the processing and storage of corporate data. Changes at the level of information flows, the requirements for a higher rate of informatization, as well as integration of the information base define the progressive thickening of implemented IS.
Draft measures that will lead to increased efficiency of information processing in ZsVS.

In the audit for ZsVS we focused on the whole complex of information resources of the company and the conditions under which these resources can be used. In the case of hardware we performed analysis of its basic architecture. The objective was not to assess the performance of individual elements, but the characteristics of the structure with regard to the implemented software solution. In another area, we analyzed software solution used, the extent of its implementation in terms of subject groups and the relation to the creation of added value, as well as costs incurred for the operation and maintenance of the system in operation - an assessment of selected service contracts. This analysis at the level of information flows followed up on individual findings at the IT level and documented the relationships of their processing and the use in the conditions of a business practice. We focused on the degree of data sharing and exchange through IS allowing automated data processing and through physical documentation. The analysis focused on the individual subject areas of expertise of the company in terms of organizational and technical breakdown. We identified significant activities for each area - processes with interaction for data generation or processing. We defined the strengths and weaknesses of each information system in relation to the processed agenda. In each area of expertise we identified findings that characterized the facts at the time of the audit and based on the findings we defined draft measures.

Streamline dependencies between the IS.
Assessment of the basic properties of IS.
Analysis of the relationship between business processes and IS.
Risk identification.
Analysis of information flows.
IS flow of information support.
Information systems are designed to facilitate and clarify our work. A good information systems audit is the basis for further progress and improvement of work organization in the spirit of the 21st century. Information audit conducted by GAMO for our company is precisely one of such audits.
Ing. Janka Kleinertová
Financial Director, ZsVS, a.s.

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