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Gamo Smart Zone

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. Their use is universal. They are suitable for any organization wishing to present their objects of interest - products in the shop, exhibits in the museum, books, historical buildings or public facilities - in a modern and attractive way.

In addition to "common" functionality GAMO Smart Zone offers advanced features: the possibility of navigation in the facility premises, right in the building or in the open. Besides navigation, it also offers interactive alerts to point out selected products, in front of which visitors are currently located.

Communicate with citizens, visitors, customers and at the same time you make yourself visible on social networks, promoting your brand. Provide your target group with relevant information and show them a map in their smartphone that will guide them easily to you.


Perspective technology helps visitors and librarians to search and link library knowledge.


Open your museum for the younger generation. Offer them navigation among the selected exhibits while providing information on the exhibit.

Shopping Centre

Provide visitors with information on your stores, accompanying events or current events. Facilitate their orientation in the center with an interactive map.


Attract customers with existing offer and distinguish yourself from the competition. Support sales and increase traffic in your store.

Next advantages and features
  • Electronic Guide

    It contains a catalog of graphic and text information on selected object of interest. Upon coming closer to the object, the system automatically displays detailed information.

  • Navigation in the Facility

    Beacons placed on selected objects allow visitors to navigate in the building and find the object where the beacon is located.

  • Online Connection

    The application may be linked to a web page or profile on a social network. Application user can easily find more information.

  • Wi-Fi Network

    The solution can also include a Wi-Fi network designed for visitors. Upon the login the user can see the current offer.

GAMO Smart Zone is a mobile application that allows you to create engaging content for your customers. In conjunction with a network of miniature transmitters ("beacons") placed at the selected objects, it can provide navigation among them in the premises or outdoors. The application can bring the visitor directly to the selected object and provide them with more information.

The application does not require access to the Internet for its operation. Connection is only needed during the installation on a mobile device. Everything important is stored directly in the application. Distribution and the number of beacons can be customized according to your needs.

In conjunction with smart grids you can also map the movement of the visitors who have enabled Wi-Fi connection, but do not have an installed application.

GAMO Smart Zone:

  • The mobile application for major mobile platforms – Android and Apple iOS.
  • Content may include texts, images, maps, advertisements or short videos.
  • Wide range of options tailored to the needs of the facility.
  • Possibility of connection with your own web page and profile on the social network.
  • Source of customer feedback.
  • Supporting network of as many beacons as desired.
  • It does not require expansion of ICT equipment, or other interventions in the area of the facility.
  • The solution may include creation of a Wi-Fi network for customers.

Beacon network communicates with a mobile device via Bluetooth 4 (Low Energy).
In case of older devices it is necessary to verify whether they meet this condition for the full application usage.

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