Disaster recovery in the cloud

Get not only IT system continuity in the event of a disaster, but, more importantly, business continuity.

Failures protection

GAMO Cloud DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) provides simple, cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery services as well as VMware vSphere-based migration services.

Our specialists will help you plan and test replication goals and the recovery process with secure access to cloud systems.

Thanks to a simple implementation and a proven test, our customers are confident of different sizes and focus.

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How to use Disaster Recovery

Most modern Cloud in Slovakia

GAMO Cloud is the first DataCenter in Slovakia that uses the SDDC concept - Software Defined Data Center. Latest VMware technologies allows us to 100% virtualize network and storage.

Cloud based replication

VMware Disaster Recovery as part of GAMO Cloud protects your system on the virtual machine (VM) and VMDK level. It has no impact on routine system operation.

Applications protection

Protect your applications, not LUNs! This feature allows you the complete application consistency without limitation to location of the server or disc.

Enterprise class Solution

Fully integrated with VMware vCenter. You gain flexibility, scalability and easy operation without compromises, as usual in the cloud environment.

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Frequently asked questions
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How are my data protected against loss or abuse?

Security is based on technological, as well as on process base. Reached security level is much higher, than at ordinary company, which decide to protect the data by own built solution.

Are the data backed up?

Based on your request, we provide 7-days automated backup of your data as a standard service. For example, in case of unintentional deletion we can recover the file without any problem.

Why do you think, that you can provide us higher availability of IT systems, as we can it now?

All of our systems are at least doubled, including the electricity power line and air condition. For example, by electricity power failure we can use alternative power source for more than 72 hours of operation.

Does our application run in the cloud as smooth and fast as on our own servers?

Yes. To verify this, we offer for all our clients possibility of testing the cloud for 14 days as a free service. During this testing period also shows the real need of computing resources. It is often lower, than at initial estimation.

Could be my virtual infrastructure overloaded?

Yes. All our client have a small computing power oversize, which can over bridge over this situation. In comparison with physical servers, the computing power of your virtual servers can be increased according to your requirements. When the overload situation occurs regularly, it is suitable to increase the computing power for a specific period, or as part of standard computing power settings.

Do I know exactly how much I will pay for services in GAMO Cloud?

Yes. Our price quotation are transparent and complex. You clearly known, what is the price of service provided by GAMO Cloud. We never charge any hidden charges to our clients. All payment and financial documents are available in the self-service portal.

Is it possible to run any application from cloud?

No, in general it is not possible. We provide for our clients consultations about this possibility. We have relevant experiences to advice, which part of IT infrastructure and applications is suitable to migrate to the cloud and which not.

What is the real added value of cloud computing?

It allows you to transfer the responsibility for building and running the IT infrastructure to the cloud provider in a cost-effective manner. You can fully focus on the core of your business, which is crucial for your success.

Could I use my own software licences in the cloud?

It is not generally possible, each software vendor sets specific licence policy. This is the reason; why we can our clients provide operating systems licences as a service. It allows them to use latest software versions without additional investments.

How do I know if your cloud is suitable for our company?

For each client we provide fully-fledged 14 days free trial period. Client can conveniently test the cloud environment for its specific purpose. At the same time, client can consult its questions with our consultants.

How do I known, that I am cloud-ready?

Each virtualized IT system meets the technical requirements for migration to the cloud. Migration of previously virtualized IT system is much faster and easier, and do not requires several operations breaks. Of course, it is possible to migrate to the cloud from non-virtualized IT infrastructure.

How are your references?

Cloud, as well as other IT solutions we provide for customers across various segments. Manufacturing, healthcare, Slovak companies or multi-national corporation branches in Slovakia. As the most important are Slovak Post, Transpetrol, Lenovo EMEA shared services centre. We are stable partner for large, and for small customers.

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