About us


GAMO – provider of IT services and solutions based on the shophisticated cloud technologies.

The fundamental values of the company

  • Honest and correct approach to customers.
  • Customer satisfaction with the service provided in terms of complexity, time and quality.
  • Motivated employees and creating conditions for their continual improvement.
  • Teamwork, mutual relations without any favoritism, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Building a good reputation of the company, intellectual property and all assets of the company.
  • Compliance with laws, standards of safety and quality.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is a long-term presence on the market supported by high quality services. As a company with 30 years of history, we can address requirements of demanding customers. Perfect knowledge of the dynamically changing needs in IT ensures a mutually valuable partnership with our customers.

The decision to choose GAMO as a partner provides customers with the ability to fully meet their IT requirements with a single professional supplier. We are able to assume the full responsibility guaranteeing a high level of expertise, proven know-how and partnership approach. This allows the customer to focus on their own core business and to rely on the quality IT support of their business solutions.



GAMO is a partner with proven experience in IT solutions intended for small companies as well as for demanding customers requiring continuous operation of IT systems.

Our solutions are developed upon the understanding of needs and requirements of each customer, upon the specificities of their sector, as well as their current IT situation. Therefore, we can propose a solution fulfilling such needs, which has a real benefit for the customer. Our goal has always been to provide a solution that allows further growth and development with minimal cost.

We are able to support our customers throughout the operation of the IT system. Not only passive surveillance, but also active management of the entire IT environment.



Competitive ability is essential for every single company. Therefore, GAMO also specializes in IT solutions and services that increase customers’ competitiveness in the conditions of a global market and competition.

Ensuring the effective operation of IT systems is our priority. IT systems are an increasingly important part of the company’s successful operation. However, very much depends on the way they are implemented and used in the company.

Company Management

Ing. Kristián Alakša
Chairman of the Board
Ing. Rudolf Latiak
Member of the Board
Iveta Milčíková
Vice-chairman of the Board
Ing. Rudolf Latiak
Executive Director
Iveta Milčíková
Financial Director
Ing. Kristián Alakša
Chief Public Officer
Martin Pisák
Chief Technology Officer, CTO
Mgr. Jana Kohárová
Chief Commercial Officer
Ing. Miroslav Palka, Ph.D.
Human Resources Director
Ing. Miroslav Palka, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Dušan Lovič
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Zuzana Omelková
Member of the Supervisory Board



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