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Logo GAMO download

GAMO logo usage guidelines

The logo of GAMO a.s. consists from company name - GAMO and underlying text INFORMAČNÉ TECHNOLÓGIE - INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES

Logo colours

  • company name colour - GAMO - red, PANTONE E 86-1 Warm Red C, RAL 3020, CMYK C:0 M:90 Y:100 K:0
  • underlying text - black

Usage of the logo
It is recommended to use the logo on white backgroung, if not applicable, preferring the light background. If the background is in dark colour, use the logo in inverse colour. If it is unable to use the logo in original colours, use the logo in one colour - black.

Minimum logo size
  • for printings: 2 cm width,
  • for electronic media: 80 pixels width.
  • If the logo is used in minimal size, it is allowed to use modified logo - without text INFORMAČNÉ TECHNOLÓGIE.

Logo for download:

Logo in full colour
Logo in monochrome
AI (Mac)
CDR (v9)